Measuring Your Space for an Area Rug

Published: 27th January 2010
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Area rugs are a great way to accentuate your home's decor and they are becoming more popular every year. Especially, since hardwood and tile flooring has made a comeback, the sales of area rugs are up in most markets.

So, you want to put an area rug in your home? What a good decision. You will be amazed at the wide variety of rugs that are available. No longer are you limited to the oriental style rugs you might be envisioning. Today, there are many modern and attractive alternatives.

Measure Your Space

Once you have decided on a space in which you will place an area rug, you will need to measure
the room in order to determine the best size of rug for the room. Depending on the room that you will be measuring, there is a technique for area rug placement.

Measuring Your Living Room

If you are placing an area rug in your living room, measure the entire perimeter of the room. Then subtract 2 feet from each measurement. Allowing a 24" border of hardwood or tile is the standard. If your room is irregular shaped, then you will want to place the area rug in the largest rectangular area and subtract the 2 feet from the measurements of that particular area.

Measuring Your Hallway

If you are placing the rug in your hallway, you should measure the entire hallway and then subtract one foot from each dimension. When you center the rug, there should be a 6 inch border around the length of the rug. If your hallway is very wide, you may choose to have a full twelve inch border, but most hallways will not accommodate this dimension.

Measuring Your Dining Room

Measuring a dining room for an area rug is different than all other rooms, in that you start by measuring the perimeter of your dining table. Add 54 inches to both the length and the width of the table measurement in order to correctly size your area rug.

Measuring Your Bedroom

You have two great options when measuring a bedroom for an area rug. You can follow the steps listed above for the living room, if you would like a larger area rug. Or, you can measure the perimeter of the bed and add two or three feet to both the width and length in order to make a good portion of the rug visible around the bed itself.

The first option is best for a kids room that is shared by more than one child because it will encapsulate both beds and warm the floor surface for play time as well as just getting out of the bed.


You have unlimited potential when decorating your home with area rugs, and when you correctly measure for the rugs, you will find that your home's appearance changes almost immediately. If you are unsure of your measurements, ask for a professional measurement prior to ordering your new rugs. A good rug store will be happy to help you ensure the best placement and measurements for your home.

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